Aino Grib

A Danish Artist

Living in Spitsbergen



September 2012 I closed the gallery in Longyearbyen and moved back to Denmark

    November  2010  "Between the Lines"     Art Pause Longyearbyen

September 2010 Photo cruice around Svalbard

August 2010 Expedition with Lance along the west coast of Spitsbergen

  2009 Decoration of the Barentz Pub   Radison Blu Hotell, Longyearbyen

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My first trip to Spitsbergen was in February 2003. I came to Longyearbyen to work for 6 weeks at the guest studio at Gallery Spitsbergen. I came back several times during that year before I settled permanently in the summer of 2004. In my workshop by Gallery Svalbard I worked with oil, watercolour and chinese ink to catch the midnight sun and the polar night.

Recently I have also been developing my interest in photography which has resulted in the dvd "A Storm of Silence" More about the dvd.

Welcome to this presentation where I will show the results of my work and a little of my inspiration here at 78 north.


Last update 19/1 2011