The pictures here are the result of my three years in Longyearbyen. I came in the summers midnight sun, felt the light, heard the birds, saw the polar flora as sparks of lilac, yellow and white in the rock faces. With autumn comes the hunt and the tundra flaming in rust and orange before the snow suddenly packs everything in with its white cover for the next eight months. The winter and the dark time, which really is dark, has also many faces. A weak turquoise veil over Longyearbyen in the middle of the day in November, or the waves of northern lights, which covers the starlit sky. The ice-cold wind, which howls down through the valley moves the snow and creates new graphic formations on the mountain sides, until a new layer of snow covers everything again. Slowly the darkness turns blue and the landscape around us returns like a blue gate opening itself. In February comes the light, first a rose shimmer which slowly creeps down the mountain sides before the sun returns and the colours disappear in the strong white light. This white-black landscape summarises the years impressions. Below lies the colour, above lies the dreams, is this really real.